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“Evocative and haunting, with a subtle sense of menace that grows with each page.”
- Simon Beckett, author of The Chemistry of Death
The Darkest Room
It is bitter mid-winter on the Swedish island of Öland, and Katrine and Joakim Westin have moved with their children to the boarded-up manor house at Eel Point. But their remote idyll is soon shattered when Katrine is found drowned off the rocks nearby. As Joakim struggles to keep his sanity in the wake of the tragedy, the old house begins to exert a strange hold over him.

Joakim has never been in the least superstitious, but from where are those whispering noises coming? To whom does his daughter call out in the night? And why is the barn door for ever ajar?

As the end of the year approaches, and the infamous winter storm moves in across Öland, Joakim begins to fear that the most spine-chilling story he’s heard about Eel Point might indeed be true: that every Christmas the dead return...

What the critics say:

Echoes from the Dead was rightly acclaimed in the UK, and this, his second novel, is even better. A powerful study of grief, loss and vulnerability, with a commendably earth-bound solution.
- Laura Wilson, THE GUARDIAN

A nerve-jangling set-up...this latest tale of crime in a cold climate summons up a haunting sense of human frailty.

An incredibly well-written tome with a satisfying finale.

The latest Swedish sensation...a bestseller in Scandinavia after publishing only two novels.

If you're tired of alcoholic British coppers and inner-city crime, perhaps you should pick up THE DARKEST ROOM - as soon as possible.
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Your Reviews
5 Reviews

Roger Palau
Tuesday 10th September

I red this book in english because is not translate so far in Spanish. Love it as always your books.i found more anxious atmosphere
B. Kryszak
Saturday 14th January

Riveting. I felt like I was a character in the book, walking along side Joakim and Tilda as events were uncovered. And despite the cold and the bleakness I never wanted to stop reading. Oland had become a part of me! I highly recommend this book!
V. Zvedelov√°
Monday 19th September

I am from Slovak republic and your books are not very popular here. I love horror and detective stories so I decided to buy your book and now I can say that your book (the darkest room) is the best book I have ever read. Whole story is really unbelievable and the end of the story...absolutely great.
Tomer levy
Friday 24th June

This is the best book i have read so far,very intersting and exciting, I highly recommend it!
Sunday 19th September

I enjoyed this book so much that I was getting anxious when nearing the end.To make it last I would read only a few pages at a time. The writing flows,the discriptons are like images that print in your mind. The perfect dose of fear and suspence